Technical Support - 南京中新赛克官网
Technical Support - 南京中新赛克官网

Technical Support

Since the day Sinovatio was established, providing customers with timely and high-quality service support has become Sinovatio’s basic tenet. The product quality and service reputation of Sinovatio is not only based on the advanced and reliable products we provide to our customers, but also depends on the company's technical strength and the wide range of quality services we provide to our customers to a large extent. Sinovatio has built a technically competent, multi-level technical support and customer service team, and experienced expert consultants which are strong in hardware systems, operating systems, network interconnection, database, software development and system integration, providing complete and reliable technical support at all stages in customer's project cycle.

Four Highlights

Core Value

The basic goal of the Sinovatio technical service is to make customers satisfied. 

Basic tenet

Provide customers with timely、high quality service support

Basic objectives

Make customers satisfied

We will continue to provide customers with information system knowledge, computer network technology and technical advice to enable customers to succeed in a competitive environment.

We strive to satisfy our customers and consistently believe that customer satisfaction is far more important than business competition.

Service tenet

For the sake of customers, dedicated to customer service



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