Company Brand - 南京中新赛克官网
Company Brand - 南京中新赛克官网

Company Brand


Sinovatio is the brand name of the company. It adopts the combination meaning of Chinese and English, and subtly explains the brand meaning of Sinovatio.

Sinovatio is a leading provider of integrated solutions for information network security and data applications, an innovative network security expert who works tirelessly to build a safer world.

Security / Sino

Secuirity means Security, Sinovatio is a total solution provider in the field of information network security field.

Sino means China, Sinovatio is a Chinese company.


Inovatio means innovation, Sinovatio is an innovative company.


Sinovatio is a Chinese company, formerly known as ZTEsec.


Sinovatio is a total solution provider in the field of information network security.


Sinovatio is an innovative company.

Product Brand


Company Mascot

侦探小赛 · 专业好帮手

Sinovatio's mascot is an eagle. The eagle is flying high in the sky; it is the highest flying creature among all animals. Its quickness and astute represent the freedom of Sinovatio in the vast sky of the information world. The eagle is known for its vision, it can quickly lock indistinguishable and subtle targets from high altitude, symbolizing that Sinovatio's products can accurately obtain valuable information from complicated traffic and data; the image of the eagle is majestic, it has a strong deterrent to the rats in the dark, meaning Sinovatio helps to maintain social stability.

At the same time, Sinovatio symbolizes a professional detective. Detectives are very good at mining, collecting and processing information, and have good logical thinking and reasoning skills. Sinovatio’s products also show great professionalism in the process of information collection, processing and analysis.



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