With the spring blossoms, Sinovatio blooms at 2018 ISS World MEA - 南京中新赛克官网
With the spring blossoms, Sinovatio blooms at 2018 ISS World MEA - 南京中新赛克官网

With the spring blossoms, Sinovatio blooms at 2018 ISS World MEA


Time of melting snow and ice, time to celebrate spring blossoms. In 2018, it was the 7th time that Sinovatio participated in the ISS World MEA Dubai Exhibition.

As a world-famous network security exhibition, ISS World integrates product display, industry forum, business negotiation, technical exchange and other activities, fully presenting the characteristics of specialization, internationalization and high level. This exhibition gathered many outstanding companies from the security field around the world.

As an expert in the field of cyber security, as in previous years, Sinovatio still attracted the most attention of the audience, customers and competitors from the same industry also came to Sinovatio’s booth to communicate. The professional skills, rich experience and profound industry understanding of the company's participants made the visitors enthusiastic about Sinovatio’s solutions and products. They all asked for business cards for further communication and negotiation.

During the prime time at noon and afternoon on the first day of the exhibition, Sinovatio gave two wonderful presentations, and made a professional, powerful and unique sound in the industry. Many audiences went straight to the booth for further communication after listening to the presentations.

Based on the software and hardware foundation of data communication technology for more than 10 years, Sinovatio has become a leader in network information security and data applications field. In the future, Sinovatio will continue to take on the responsibility of leading companies in network security field, participate in more exhibitions and events, and bring better solutions to customers and more inspiring achievements to the industry.






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