Meet Sinovatio at ISS World Asia! - 南京中新赛克官网
Meet Sinovatio at ISS World Asia! - 南京中新赛克官网

Meet Sinovatio at ISS World Asia!


From December 4th to 6th, 2018, with the great sunshine in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the annual ISS World Asia is held here, attracting a large number of manufacturers and industry professionals from East Asia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

ISS World exhibition aims to showcase the latest concepts and tools in public safety, national defense and telecommunications operations, helping government Intelligence department and law enforcement department against online money laundering, drug trafficking, terrorism, human trafficking and various other criminal activities. As a multi-year partner of ISS World, Sinovatio was invited to participate in this exhibition.

Sinovatio’s booth adopted the consistent blue and white color system, and integrated the “S” of the word “Sinovatio” into the booth design, which is simple and atmospheric. The entire booth is organized around the theme of DATA + KNOWLEDGE + ALGORITHM = WISDOM, introducing the complete solution for information collection, data management, knowledge storage, wisdom generation, and wisdom applications. The elegant design and matching content of the exhibition attracted a large number of visitors to discuss and communicate with us.

Pictures of Sinovatio’s booth

During the exhibition, the ISS World conference area also held various lectures and seminars. Sinovatio brought two lectures on the subject of “Sense Awareness on Big Data” and “Knowledge and Wisdom Learning from Massive Data” to the attending experts, which received great attention. Some customers went to the booth of Sinovatio after the lecture to know more about Sinovatio’s solutions and products.

As one of the earlier domestic companies involved in the overseas network content security market, Sinovatio has expanded its market in Asia Pacific and Africa. Sinovatio has won the trust and recognition of customers through its self-developed and cost-effective network content security products. In the future, Sinovatio will continue to increase R&D investment and innovation, build its core competitiveness in the global market, and contribute to the global network security and data informatization construction!






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