OceanMind Big Data Intelligent Analysis and Mining System - 南京中新赛克官网
OceanMind Big Data Intelligent Analysis and Mining System - 南京中新赛克官网

OceanMind Big Data Intelligent Analysis and Mining System

Framework Architecture

The system is capable to let everyone realize big data’s analysis and mining independently with the provision of complete development interfaces and rich mining algorithms which can adapt to different scenarios.

Whole Process Modularization and Visual Interaction

Realize rapid generation of big data applications, as well as big data analysis and mining in processize way.

Fulfill the diverse, complex, and rapidly changing requirement of big data applications.

Vivid and flexible visual display to fulfill different requirement of big data applications.

Providing self-service and sharing functions, Supporting customization and reuse of template and process.

◎  Application services

◎  Self-service application template customization

◎  Multi-user sharing

OceanEye Application Generation Engine

Ocean Eye provides natural-like language module, Visualization model management module, Componentized APP module and App Store module. The user can simply drag the operators to build big data service applications with self-help, obtain intrinsic worth of data and assist service development.


Rapid Modeling

Rapid modeling, concept validation and model correction by analyzing operators.

Modular Operation

Self-developed modular design, processize operation and visible processing flow.

Application model

The service functions can be improved by user-defined and application customization way on open-structured platform under different requirement.


Rapid model building and application design with visual interaction design.

General Service layout designer

Application data visualization

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